MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies

MA in the Classical Archaeology and the Ancient History of Macedonia

2nd International Workshop on the Black Sea in Antiquity

Ολοκαύτωμα Χορτιάτη 75 χρόνια μετά

2nd International Workshop on the Black Sea in Antiquity

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Student Testimonials

icon-text-blockquote christodoulouMy year at Thessaloniki as a student at International Hellenic University was great in many aspects including the quality of the suprvision that I received, the university facilities, the friendship of fellow students and staff, the intellectual challenges during the classes and the quality of life in Thessaloniki. The academic staff were extremely supportive and you can always go to speak with them if you have any questions or need extra support. The faculty always encouraged us to attend career development events and many other workshops. The experience gave me a good start for pursuing an academic career. In terms of student experience, I have enjoyed talking to students from various nations and developing friendships with them. Being in an international university is an experience I will never forgot. Blockquote


Eleni Vakouftsi - Greece
MA in Black Sea Cultural studies


icon-text-blockquote zhmurkoIt was one of the bests experience in my life. Before studies in this University I could not believe that it is possible to learn so many interesting and difficult things in one year. The time I have spent in Greece changed my life in a very good way and fulfilled my heart with a bit crazy but very warm Greek attitude. I am happy that here I met so many smart and educated people from all world with who I was able to discuss everything about life, experience and education.

Thanks to IHU! Blockquote


Kamile Sulcaite - Lithuania
MA in Black Sea Cultural studies


icon-text-blockquote christodoulouStudying at IHU has been a real treat. You have the opportunity to study in a motivating and at the same time challenging academic environment and have cultural interaction and exchange with students arriving from around the globe. Blockquote


Siranush Khachatryan - Armenia
MA in Black Sea Cultural studies


icon-text-blockquote zhmurkoStudying in Greece was lifetime experience for me. Wisely organized program has stimulated me to discover depth of different historical or modern processes our Black Sea Region had been experiencing since antiquity. Relationship with highly qualified professors and students from different countries enriched my qualities. Blockquote


Salome Kobalia - Georgia
MA in Black Sea Cultural studies


icon-text-blockquotechristodoulouMy participation in the first postgraduate programme of the School of Humanities, enabled me to search an area which began to be explored in the recent years. The academic and administrative staff and certainly the technological equipment, have helped to fulfill my ambitions and I am glad that I will be one of the first graduate students of our department. Unreservely, i recommend this MA to those who are interested in studying something completely new and innovative.Blockquote


Stauros Christodoulou - Cyprus
MA in Black Sea Cultural studies


icon-text-blockquotezhmurkoBeing a part of the new unique programme Black Sea Cultural Studies is very exciting and responsible at the same time. One has to have enough ability, ambition and motivation to cope with all the requirements of the demanding MA, but the diversity of teaching methods and amazingly enthusiastic and helpful professors make the studying process extremely interesting and pleasant. I can say without any doubt that this year abroad is a brilliant learning experience for me!Blockquote


Anna Zhmurko - Ukraine
MA in Black Sea Cultural studies


icon-text-blockquotenizovaAs a student coming from one of the Black Sea region countries, I had a great interest in the MA of the International Hellenic University in Black Sea Studies due to the scope of my future career orientation. Having followed the largest part of this programme, I can safely recommend it to those seeking for high quality European postgraduate education, covering a wide range of urgent political and cultural issues of the Black Sea region, taught by excellent encouraging professors in modern equipped premises.Blockquote


Tatyana Nizova - Ukraine
MA in Black Sea Cultural studies


icon-text-blockquotedimanidouI was really pleased to find out that such a program, dealing with the Black Sea from antiquity to today, existed in Thessaloniki. It is an endless source of knowledge, acquired through constant research and with the University's substantial contribution.Blockquote


Dimanidou Maria - Greece
MA in Black Sea Cultural studies


icon-text-blockquoteNikolaeIHU has opened a plethora of new perspectives for me in terms of education and academic research. Moreover, it has helped me choose my future road in career. I am aware that this road is long, but IHU has smoothened the path for me.Blockquote


Lavinia Nicolae Georgianna - Romania
MA in Black Sea Cultural studies


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