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Shahana Shariyeva from Azerbaijan and Kamile Sulcaite from Lithuania, both students of the “MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies” programme, took the initiative to promote the School of Humanities and the IHU in their countries.

Shahana was invited by Ganja State University in Azerbaijan, where she completed her undergraduate education, to organise a presentation about the IHU and its postgraduate programmes. The presentation was attended by Ganja State University students and  lecturers, many of whom expressed great interest in the International Hellenic University. Material was distributed (leaflets and brochures) and audience inquiries were answered.

Kamile was interviewed by a Lithuanian newspaper and expressed herself in very flattering terms when talking about the IHU and life in Greece. The respective article is available at: http://www.pinigukarta.lt/patarimai-3/mano-finansai/svietimas-mano-finansai/studijos-graikijoje-patarimai-ir-atsiliepimai. Kamile describes her interesting experiences  in Greece and her satisfaction with the studies she chose. She highlights the multicultural environment, the experienced teachers, the helpful administrative staff and the frequently organized events which keep the students’ interest high.  She concludes with the fact that the International Hellenic University exceeded her expectations.

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