Dr. G. Antoniou – The Persistent Past

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The Persistent Past
The Legacy of Violent Conflicts in Greece and Europe Today

In cooperation with the French Institute Thessaloniki, the British Council and Science Center and Technology Museum "NOESIS"  for the seventh year is holding the “Science Café” inviting you to enjoy your coffee and talk to the experts about  scientific issues of common interest.

This month, the "Cafe" invites you to a different type of discussion related to history and the social sciences with guest speaker Dr. Georgios Antoniou , Academic Assistant at the International Hellenic University who will expand on how the violent conflicts of the past influence and affect Greece and Europe today.

Why do we choose to remember and celebrate specific events, while other events – of equal importance - fail to make remain in our collective memory? How regulated is the Greek state in relation to the history of the country?  What is the significance of this past today?

Managing historical memory makes up a permanently open issue in societies, from ancient times until today. The speaker will present various categories of violent conflicts of the 20th century (genocides, world wars and civil wars) and the ways in which societies managed their heritage. The "Cafe" in March will take place on Monday, March 19th at 18:30 in NOESIS (6th km Thessaloniki - Thermi, across from the Mediterranean Cosmos, information: 2310 483 000).

Free Admission

Brief biography
George Antoniou received his Phd.  of History and Civilization at the at the European University Institute in Florence (2007). He has taught at the Universities of Yale and Cyprus and specializes in post-war history and heritage of the past into the present. He has edited and published studies on the Holocaust in the Balkans (The Holocaust in the Balkans, Epikentro, 2011), The Scientific Output in Greece during the Cold War (the Era of Confusion: The Decade of the Forties and Historiography, Athens, Estia, 2008)

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