Ivan Ilchev’s book presentation

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Ivan Ilchev’s book presentation Print

The International Hellenic University hosted the presentation of the recent Greek translation of Ivan Ilchev’s book "My Country - Right or Wrong? The International Propaganda of the Balkan States in Europe and the United States (1821-1923)".

The author of the book, Ivan Ilchev, is a prominent Bulgarian historian. Professor of Modern History at the University of Sofia, Ilchev was recently re-elected Rector of the University.

Based on the study of an impressive volume of archival and printed material, the book examines the mechanisms of communication used by the Balkan States to influence European public opinion on their national issues. The aim is to show the peculiarities of communication practices which in long term proved disastrous; although these practices highlighted the urgent problems of the Balkan Peninsula, they also established an extremely unfavourable stereotype of the Balkan peoples in Western minds.

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