The Prehistoric and Archaic Macedonia

This is a broad scientific discipline, which is dual and complex as far as Macedonia is concerned leading to a rich and diverse lesson of archaeology and history.

  1. The early prehistoric past of Macedonia (Paleolithic and Neolithic era) forms a very rich era, which in the framework of the course, could be presented only in a brief introduction.
  2. The Bronze Age (3rd -2nd millennium B.C.) and Iron Age (10th-7th century B.C.) are periods of intense urban and economic activity in the area of Macedonia lies and of the genesis of the Macedonian kingdom. Relations with the southern Greek centres and the broader Balkan and Eastern European area point out the significance of the country.
  3. The Archaic Age (7th – beginning of the 5th century B.C.) signifies the consolidation of the Macedonian kingdom, given that the historical events and historical figures are, at the time, clearly defined and documented by both written and archaeological sources.
  4. The colonization of the Northern Aegean coasts and the intense relations with the southern Greek centers play a key role to the political and cultural developments in Macedonia.